Naruto Fan Goes Viral Thanks to Their Special Great Fireball Jutsu

When you think of Sasuke Uchiha, a lot of things must come to mind, and a good few of them will turn their minds to fire. The ninja is known for using lightning moves, but fire remains his main element even after all of these years. In fact, the moment he learned how to use the Great Fireball jutsu was a turning point for Sasuke. Now, one fan wants to join Sasuke in training, and they're going viral after posting a video of their fire style gadget.

The reel popped up over on Reddit courtesy of the user stavrosps123. It was there the Naruto fan showcased a little gadget they made inspired by Naruto, and it is basically a compact flamethrower that any Uchiha would be envious of.

As you can see above, the video shows the fan doing a set of hand signs from Naruto before the shot moves to show their profile. From this angle, fans can see a tiny flamethrower has been woven up the creator's sleeves so it is hard to see from head-on. Someone off-screen is able to turn on a stream of compressed air to put the jutsu into action, and the results are seriously impressive on screen.

Clearly, a lot of work went into this viral gadget, and it cannot be overstated how dangerous it could be. This isn't the kind of tech you want to add to a Naruto cosplay, but professionals can admire how seamless this prop is. After all, the only way to perform this jutsu in real life before now required spitting fuel from one's mouth into an open flame and praying for the best. This nifty device certainly streamlines the process, but in the end, nothing can compare to the actual jutsu Sasuke learned. But until mankind learns to harness chakra, this viral video brings us as close as we can to the Great Fireball jutsu. 

What do you think about this fan's take on this Fire Style jutsu? Do you think any other moves from Naruto could be done in real life...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.