Neon Genesis Evangelion Announces Ultimate Blu-Ray Edition

Neon Genesis Evangelion made big waves when it was brought to the streaming service of Netflix [...]

Neon Genesis Evangelion made big waves when it was brought to the streaming service of Netflix last year, and it's looking to do so once again as the anime series has announced that an "Ultimate Blu-Ray Edition" that will house all the episodes of the television series and the two feature length films will be released next year. Though the set has yet to announce which dubs will be linked to the "Ultimate Edition" for either the English or Japanese voice tracks, fans are surely waiting to hear more details about the new release from the legendary anime franchise!

When Neon Genesis Evangelion was released onto Netflix, it came with a number of controversies, thanks in part to the removal of music from the series, as well as some changes to the dialogue of some characters. Fans are crossing their fingers that the original dubs and music licenses will be brought back with this Blu-Ray set, that collects not only the television series but also the final two films in Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death and The End of Evangelion respectively. Recently announced at the event of Cloud Matsuri, the set will be brought to fans by the company known as "All The Anime" and is sure to reveal more details about the set itself as well as pricing for fans!

AllTheAnime shared the news of this upcoming Neon Genesis Evangelion set that will be released in 2021, promising fans to once again dive into the series that made popular the likes of Shinji Ikari, Asuka, and Rei, as well as the NERV organization that was pitting their forces against the might of the Angels:

Neon Genesis Evangelion has yet to unveil an Ultimate Blu-Ray edition until now, with this surely turning a number of fans' heads by bringing the series to a higher resolution outside of streaming services. We'll be sure to give you more details about this gorgeous looking set as we get closer to its release!

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