Netflix Embraces Anime with Virtual YouTuber Web-series

Netflix has never been shy about its love of anime, and that affection has only become clearer in [...]

Netflix has never been shy about its love of anime, and that affection has only become clearer in the last few years. The streaming service has been building up its originals catalog, and Netflix has even put some money towards the production of proprietary series. Now, it seems like Netflix has found its new anime entryway, and it has to do with virtual YouTubers by the looks of it.

As reported by Sora News 24 recently, Netflix is ready to take on the V-Tuber game. The company launched its own mascot in the field with N-ko Mei Kurono, and the kawaii host is as cute as you'd expect.

netflix virtual youtuber
(Photo: Netflix)

The whole thing went live this week when Netflix posted a video of N-ko for all to see. The mascot is set to the Netflix's anime brand ambassador, and she comes with her own little history. N-ko comes from Los Gatos, California which is where Netflix's main headquarters reside. Of course, she is an animal-human hybrid, so N-ko is as human as she is sheep.

Netflix's bio for N-ko goes on to explain some of the host's hobbies. It seems the girl enjoys singing, dancing, watching anime, and getting massages. As usual, the actress who brings N-ko to life is being kept secret to help keep up appearances, but it seems she loves anime as well. The anonymous actress is also bilingual as N-ko speaks in both English and Japanese in her videos. And yes, there are other subtitles available for V-Tuber fans who speak Korean, Thai, German, French, and more.

At this point, The N-ko Show will be posted weekly to Youtube via Netflix. The program will begin on April 30, and she has big plans for her Youtube debut. N-ko has said she hopes to do collab videos with other V-Tubers where they can sing, dance, and play video games. But most importantly, the gang can gush about their favorite anime these days!

If you are looking for some anime to watch on Netflix, we've definitely got some suggestions of our own. Yusuke will be the site's next original series and follows the life of a Black samurai during Japan's bygone era. Other hit shows on Netflix include Beastars, BNA, Little Witch Academia, and more.

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