Netflix Shares Look at B:The Beginning Season 2 and Spriggan

Netflix unleashed a torrent of news earlier this week when it comes to original anime series that they will be debuting via the streaming service, and two of the big new entries on the platform include the second season of B: The Beginning and a new take on the anime franchise of Spriggan. Joining the likes of Yasuke, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan, The Way of the Househusband, and Pacific Rim The Black to name a few, it's clear that the streaming service of Netflix is aiming for the fences when it comes to the medium of anime.

Spriggan first debuted as a manga in 1989, focusing on a technologically advanced future where super soldiers known as the titular Spriggan wage war in a bid to save the world while searching for mysterious artifacts that might act as humanity's salvation. On the other side of the spectrum, B: The Beginning also takes place in a alternate future, focusing on a mysterious serial killer and the investigator attempting to stop their reign of terror in a premise that is similar to that of Death Note.

Netflix shared details about the second season of B: The Beginning and the new anime series for Spriggan via their Official Twitter Account, with both of these series set to release onto the streaming service next year amidst a torrent of franchises being added to the platform:

Aside from the new anime acquisitions, Netflix has also touted a number of partnerships that they have added with anime studios to make sure that they have plenty of original anime properties coming down the pike for next year and beyond. Animation studios such as Science Saru, Studio Mir, NAZ, and Studio Mappa are some of the producers of anime that are joining Netflix, on top of the streaming service's current relationship with the likes of Studio Bones and Production IG.


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