Netflix's One Piece Writer Debunks Casting Rumors

Netflix has a lot of shows going on at any time, but anime lovers are keeping their eyes honed in [...]

Netflix has a lot of shows going on at any time, but anime lovers are keeping their eyes honed in on One Piece. While the anime has started trickling onto the service at last, the most important project involving the anime is a live-action one. The company is working on an adaptation of One Piece with writer Matt Owens at the helm. And in a recent interview, the scribe took time to shoot down casting rumors for the series.

It was during a new podcast episode of THE REVERIE that things got going. The show, which is hosted by RogersBase on Youtube, was able to rope in Owens for a chat. During the talk, the writer was asked about all the casting rumors floating around for One Piece, and Owens debunked them with ease.

"We have not cast this show yet. Anyone who is telling you they have read or they met or whatever, bullsh-t," he said.

This update gives fans a clearer picture of where One Piece is in terms of pre-production. Before COVID-19 upending global travel, it was said the show would begin filming in Africa later in the summer or early fall. That has yet to happen, and with no formal cast picked out, it seems that is for the best. The pandemic's production delay has given the team more time to solidify their story, and that is always good. After all, anime adaptations are not treated kindly in Hollywood, so fans are glad to hear more time has gone into its foundation.

Of course, some are upset to hear their fan-casts are not true. Many fans were hoping Cole Sprouse was secretly playing Sanji in the anime adaptation, but that is not the case. However, Owens said he saw the actor's recent photoshoot homage to the chef and felt it was awesome. Other fan-casts like Emily Rudd are off the table now, but with any luck, these actors might still find themselves attached to One Piece once all is said and cast.

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