Netflix Releases Yasuke Clothing Collection

Netflix has dropped a brand new clothing collection with designer Jordan Bentley. Under his [...]

Netflix has dropped a brand new clothing collection with designer Jordan Bentley. Under his Hypland imprint, the streaming giant is serving all those Yasuke fans that want to rep the show. The announcement of that Anime had a lot of people hype and drove a ton of viewers to the service. Sensing an opportunity to meet that excitement, they brought in Bentley, who got his start in streetwear. Impressively, the designer created Hypland at the age of 13 and never looked back. It's a normal story at this point. Silkscreening shirts and selling them to friends. But, with the power of the Internet, the reach for a really hot design is unlimited. You can see some of that enthusiasm all over social media today after the collection was announced.

Netflix describes Jordan Bentley's work:

"As a teenager, Jordan Bentley found a unique channel for his creativity: silkscreening t-shirts. In just a few short years, Bentley's nascent "hobby" moved from his family's living room to store shelves with the launch of his brand: Hypland. Founded on a passion for blending inter-cultural elements—and distinct in a crowded space because of it—Hypland made its mark when Bentley's love of anime and fashion joined forces. From Naruto to Inuyasha, Hypland's most coveted designs frame the iconic anime characters of Bentley's youth against the shapely streetwear silhouettes of today."

"Thanks to an official partnership with Netflix, Hypland now brings the universe of Yasuke from your screen to your closet via tie-dyed tees, graphic hoodies, and more. The Hypland x Yasuke collection is available now."'s Nick Valdez reviewed the series for the site. He enjoyed the ride, but he would love to see more.

"It's a lot of spinning plates, and, while there are many moments where the entire experience comes together, there are a few that notably stick out because they lack the same emotional resonance. It's almost over right when it is really gearing up to begin. This might be a caveat that's bigger for some than for others, but it's still a fun experience in its own right," Valdez explained. "It's a slick and cool six episodes that offer a fun time that we really need more of. Even with as much ground as it covers, there's still lots of potential directions to explore. There's a unique world within Yasuke's universe as it blends history with fantasy, and this team really needs to all work together again. If this is it, however, then it's still worth the trip."

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