Netflix's One Piece Star Discusses the Pressure That Comes With the Gig

One Piece has a tight-knit fandom, and its crew is just as close when you look over the story. Luffy might lead the gang, but others like Chopper and Nami are just as beloved. Of course, Sanji ranks high on that list of favorites, and Netflix has a lot to lose if it gets the character wrong in its live-action adaptation. So in a recent interview, fans aren't surprised to hear Taz Skylar's recent struggle with self-doubt and performance anxiety.

Recently, the actor spoke with Nuit Magazine about his current projects, and it was there One Piece came to light. Skylar did touch upon the pressure he feels playing Sanji, but he says the fanbase has helped reassure him as Netflix's production start date nears.

"I wasn't [pressured] at first.... Then I went through a few months leading up to the announcement where I did start to feel the pressure and the anticipation build up in a negative way. There was also just a lot to juggle," he explained.

"I was in Hamlet at The Young Vic whilst also doing two to three hours of Tae-Kwon-Do training a day and chef training after the show in the evenings and it was a lot to handle whilst also trying to keep my centre of gravity as a human. But now, I've reached a point where I'm just kinda like, "You're just gonna do your f-cking best bro" and whatever happens f-cking happens."

As you can see, Skylar has been putting serious work into this role and has even taken cooking lessons to beef his performance. He and the rest of the One Piece cast have some time to learn their characters before hitting the set. And when the stars gather to film, we have a feeling Skylar will nail his role. 

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