Captain Tsubasa Anime Announces Season 2

Welcome back, Captain Tsubasa! It has been a while since we heard from the sports anime, but work has been going down on the franchise behind the scenes. Not long ago, an official announcement went live regarding Captain Tsubasa's next project, and it turns out the anime will be returning to the air this fall.

For those curious, Captain Tsubasa season 2 was announced following the anime's most recent comeback in 2018. This new season will tackle the manga's Junior Youth arc. According to the reports, Captain Tsubasa will bring out its new season in October 2023 as part of TV Tokyo's fall lineup.

Currently, Captain Tsubasa is expected to bring back its main cast from the 2018 series. This includes Yuko Sanpei as protagonist Tsubasa Ozora. In a new statement, the voice actor shared their excitement ahead of the anime's return. "I am filled with the joy of being able to play soccer with everyone again! This time, we are flying out of Japan to face rivals from all over the world. We hope that many people will be able to see the soccer of each country and unique rivals. Of course! Nankatsu is not backing down either. Now we will take on a challenge as one team, along with the rivals that we have fought for the top of Japan. Please support them as they overcome obstacles and deepen their bond through soccer! May this heat lead to the next wave of soccer," she shared.

If you are a fan of Captain Tsubasa, you will know this new season is one of many to tackle the manga so far. Back in 1983, the first Captain Tsubasa anime went live, and a second series titled Captain Tsubasa J was released in 1994. From 2001 to 2002, a third anime was released, and the latest Captain Tsubasa revival will down in 2018. Now, the latest series is preparing a new season for release, and the comeback will mark Captain Tsubasa's first attempt at adapting the manga's Junior Youth arc.

For those unfamiliar with Captain Tsubasa, the series dates back to Weekly Shonen Jump circa 1981. Creator Yoichi Takahashi was a quick hit with readers and is credited with raising the profile of soccer amongst Japanese fans. Today, Captain Tsubasa is seen as a classic sports shonen that paved the way for other sports titles like Haikyuu and Blue Lock. So if you haven't checked out the series yet, you can find Captain Tsubasa's latest anime streaming on Crunchyroll right now!

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