NFL Star Mike Daniels Joins New Team with Dragon Ball Shoutout

Former Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers star Mike Daniels has officially signed with the Cincinnati Bengals with a cool shout out to Dragon Ball Z. As anime fans might have noticed, there are several major players within the NFL that are anime fans themselves. Mike Daniels made a name for himself with his anime love back in 2017 by managing to sneak in a Kamehameha Wave when celebrating, and has since been a prominent fan of series like Dragon Ball and Naruto. That love is nowhere near over as now he takes that fandom over to a new team.

Following weeks of rumors that he was working on a deal with the Cincinnati Bengals, the official Twitter account for the NFL team announced that they have officially signed Mike Daniels as a new Defensive Tackle with the awesome caption, "Time to go Super Saiyan" with Daniels taking this Dragon Ball shout out even further with a Super Saiyan sized gif of his own. Anime fans might have to start looking toward the Bengals some more!

It's not surprising to see Daniels being such a fan of Dragon Ball as the franchise is currently experiencing some of its biggest success ever. Although there currently is not an anime running on TV like back in 2015 with Dragon Ball Super, the franchise is still one of the biggest earners for Bandai Namco and Toei Animation. Although these numbers were definitely a lot bigger when there was an anime or movie to look forward to.

The series has yet to confirm whether or not the anime will be coming back anytime soon, but at least the story is continuing with a new arc taking place after the events of the anime. The manga release of the series is now more popular than ever, but it's also only serving to have more fans ask for the anime to return. When it does make its big comeback, there's going to be a huge wave of support behind it for sure.


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