One Piece Impresses With Yamato vs. Kaido: Watch

One Piece's anime has been getting ready for the final part of the battles across Onigashima, and the newest episode has finally started Yamato's highly anticipated fight with Yamato with an impressive new scene! The anime has reached a crucial turning point in the war across Onigashima as following Luffy's second defeat by Kaido, the rest of the Skull Dome is now scrambling to find their footing in the wake of such a major loss. Kaido's been left to run wild on the top of the Skull Dome, and his son has taken it upon themselves to buy Luffy as much time as possible.

One Piece's anime has been full of very impressively animated moments in the last few months of its run specifically as its fights get more intense across Onigashima, and that's continued with the newest episode of the series as well. Yamato has finally made it to the roof of the Skull Dome in order to intercept Kaido, and the episode sees Yamato declaring that they will be cutting all ties with their father. This has brought the two to blows and shows off all of the power at both of their disposals! Check it out below as shared by Crunchyroll: 

What Happens in One Piece Episode 1038? 

Episode 1038 of One Piece sees the Straw Hats and their allies struggle to make any real headway against Kaido's forces, and this has gotten even tougher now that they have all been told that Luffy has been defeated. While Nami and Otama were trying to get the Gifters on their side, Momonosuke Oden and Shinobu had been having a lot of trouble from the others as their hiding spot was found. With Yamato left to guard them, the fighter ended up on the roof of the Skull Dome as the episode came to an end. 

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Declaring that they were going to completely cut ties with their father, Yamato and Kaido are now fighting one another as the two of them unleash their Thunder Baguas against the other. The episode ends as their attacks send shockwaves through the rest of the dome, and now it's just a matter of seeing whether or not Yamato can hold strong against their father until Luffy can make his way back to the fight. 

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