One Piece Teases Big Mom's Glamorous New Look

One Piece fans may have thought Big Mom faded away with her recent arc, but that turned out to be [...]

One Piece fans may have thought Big Mom faded away with her recent arc, but that turned out to be far from the truth. The Wano Country arc rolled into effect last year, and fans were stunned when the Yonko showed up on the island. Humiliated by Luffy, the captain is determined to get revenge on his crew, and the last chapter of One Piece gave a glitzy look at how Big Mom hopes to make that happen.

Recently, One Piece returned to print with its most recent chapter, and Eiichiro Oda packed plenty into the update. The chapter ended with the forces under Kin'emon making a break for the island despite them having a bad map. Things took a turn for the worst when a noise spooked the group and left Chopper face to face with Big Mom.

As you can imagine, fans were stunned by the shift, but they were even more put off by Big Mom's makeover. The captain is known for her humble design as the giantess dons a dress on the usual. Her overall look is coined as tacky given its garish palate, and it made Big Mom easy to poke fun at. But now that she is on Wano, the Yonko has been given a rather glamorous makeover.

one piece big mom

The baddie is feeling herself after getting a formal makeover with geisha-like makeup to boot. Chopper was still able to recognize the Yonko despite the overhaul, and it is impressive he could. Not only is Big Mom rocking a formal updo with a hairpiece, but she has a very different makeup look. She has on thick eyeliner that matches her blushed cheeks and puckered lip... and she pulls it off.

So far, fans have no idea what the rest of Big Mom's design looks like, but they are eager to see it all The Yonko has sworn to work with Kaido to destroy the Straw Hat crew but the pair will turn on each other shortly after. Now, fans are hoping Chopper can induce amnesia in Big Mom to draw her back to his side like before, but there is no telling how this ill-fated reunion is going to go next chapter!

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