One Piece Reveals Yamato's Shocking Allegiance

One Piece has done some wild things in the past, and most of them have to do with Luffy. The [...]

One Piece has done some wild things in the past, and most of them have to do with Luffy. The leader of the Straw Hats has quite a reputation, and he seems to make friends with the most unlikely of people. That is why fans began wondering if Luffy would change the tides of his war with Kaido be befriending one of his followers... and that did happen in a strange way.

The only issue is that Luffy didn't ask to become friends; It was Kaido's kid who did all the talking. It turns out Yamato wants nothing more than to be a hero like Kozuki Oden, and Luffy is the kind of fighter who Yamato believes he can trust.

For those needing a bit of context, the info dump came with One Piece chapter 984 this week. The update follows Luffy and Yamato as the pair duke it out at first with the latter trying to make Luffy listen. By the end of the chapter, fans are united with the pair who have finally opened peace talks, and it is there Yamato admits he wants to open Wano and oust his dad from the country.

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"Someone else has to carry on Oden's will! That's why I choose to open this country to the world!! I want to fight on your side," Yamato tells Luffy.

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, and Luffy is taken back by the fact that Yamato seems to be a transgender man. Yamato has not made her gender identity clear quite yet, but Kaido's heir says they want to immolate Oden in every way. From opening Wano to becoming a man, there is no stopping Yamato here, and One Piece fans are eager to learn how Kaido feels about his child's betrayal.

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