One Piece Reveals a Traitor in New Wano Episode

One Piece has been sailing around the Grand Line for some time, and its entry into Wano was a [...]

One Piece has been sailing around the Grand Line for some time, and its entry into Wano was a much-awaited moment. Things have been popping off from the moment Luffy entered the secluded nation, and things are getting tenser by the moment in the wake of the Reverie. After all, a major bombshell was made with the most recent episode of One Piece, and it directly concerned a villain we thought we all knew. As it turns out, the baddie isn't as evil as we thought, and that is going to tick off Kaido before long!

Warning! If you have yet to watch the latest episode of One Piece's anime and don't want to have the events of Wano's recent installment spoiled, you might want to steer clear of the rest of this article!

This latest episode of One Piece featured some big reveals, such as the general public learning of the "fate" of Sabo, and the world is blown away by the revelation that the Seven Warlords of the Sea have been abolished from the government, no longer holding their positions of power. On top of these mind-blowing facts, the traitor of Wano is revealed to be X Drake, the member of the Worst Generation who is, in fact, a member of the military, who is relaying what he knows about the current status of the isolated nation.

Drake isn't simply a member of the military, he's in fact the head of a special unit of the government dubbed "SWORD". Considering that X Drake is the creator of the Drake Pirates, this big revelation is definitely one of the most surprising in the world of the Grand Line. Chatting with his underling Koby, it's revealed that Drake has been feeding information to the military since arriving in Wano, and the inclusion of these forces is sure to make the situation even more of a powderkeg than it already is.

Drake has the unique ability to transform into an allosaurus, giving him the power of a dinosaur to help in both his swashbuckling and military adventures.

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