One Piece Shares Preview for Episode 1003: Watch

One Piece has shared its preview for Episode 1003 of the anime! Following its crossing of the impressive 1000th episode milestone that puts the anime in rare and legendary company, One Piece is now continuing through the War on Onigashima at full steam. With the final War for Wano now unleashed in full, Luffy and the Straw Hats have gone their separate ways once more throughout the island as they find their first respective opponents for the battle. It's a chaotic scene for every character involved, but the next episode will be taking fans back to the top of the Skull Dome.

When we had last seen the Akazaya Nine, Kin'emon and the others were able to briefly pin down Kaido with their initial strike to start the war. Kaido was far from defeated, and transformed into his dragon self and flew to the roof of the Skull Dome. The Minks have been using their Sulong form to keep Jack and the Beasts Pirates at bay, but the preview for Episode 1003 teases that the full fight between the Akazaya Nine and Kaido will begin in earnest. Check out the preview below from Toei Animation: 

Episode 1003 of One Piece is titled "A Heroic Blade! Akazaya vs. Kaido, Again Once More!" and as the title suggests, the next episode will be revisiting all of the chaos now breaking out at the top of the Skull Dome. Luffy is trying his hardest to make his way up to the roof to help Kin'emon and the others, but he's had a lot of trouble navigating all of the enemies coming out of the woodwork. This means that the Akazaya Nine will have to hold their own against Kaido, but that's also what they have been preparing for the last 20 years for. 

With the battles throughout Onigashima now in full gear, the anime will be nothing but chaos for the foreseeable future. There are going to be lots of battles that both fans and the Straw Hats will need to keep track of, and there's still far much to this war that the anime has yet to even scratch the surface of. This fight against Kaido is only the beginning, so what do you think? How are you liking the start to the war in One Piece right now? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!