One Piece Stuns Fans With the Akazaya Nine's Attack on Kaido: Watch

One Piece stunned fans with the Akazaya Nine's attack on Kaido with the newest episode of the anime! The anime is quickly approaching the monumental 1000th episode of the series overall, and it's at just the right time as the war for Wano is truly kicking into gear. With Luffy and the others sneaking their way through Onigashima, it seems now that the raid on the island will truly and finally begin now that the Akazaya Nine have made their way to Kaido and took him on in an impressive first foray for this war overall. 

Previous episodes of the series have seen the Akazaya Nine trying to sneak their way into Kaido's castle for an attack on the Emperor, and the most recent episode put them face to face against the one who tried to betray them at the start of all of this. With O-Kiku taking down Kanjuro in the previous episode, the Akazaya Nine (and Izo) were finally able to turn their attention back to Kaido and through an impressive raid on the inners of the castle, they made their first major move and attacked the Emperor all at once. Check it out below as shared by Crunchyroll: 

Episode 995 of the series saw Kaido threaten Momonosuke Kozuki one last time as he gave him the opportunity to live, but the young Kozuki would need to lie about his heritage to do so. Refusing to do this, Momo had declared that he will indeed be the one to be the future Shogun of Wano, and this had given Wano's samurai the final push they needed to truly start this war. Although Luffy and Yamato nearly kicked it off, Luffy held the both of them back so that the samurai could make the first move. 

Kin'emon led the rest of the scabbards through Kaido's castle, and in a bloody display of swordplay they easily cut their way through the guards and make their way to Kaido. Taking down King and Queen temporarily, it opens up Kaido for the attack and Kin'emon and the others managed to break through Kaido's skin in the process. It's such a powerful attack that it even gives Kaido flashbacks of when he had fought Oden long ago

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