One Piece Will Reportedly Return to TV Later This Month

One Piece is one of the biggest anime out there, and fans have missed it fiercely in the wake of [...]

One Piece is one of the biggest anime out there, and fans have missed it fiercely in the wake of its hiatus. The show was forced to take a break earlier this year due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Like so many others, the show has yet to return, but a new report suggests One Piece will return at the end of this month.

The rumored date popped up on social media yesterday after well-known insiders like Yonkou Productions tweeted about it. As said by Soulstorm, the One Piece anime is slated to return to the TV starting on June 18. This means the Straw Hats are gearing up for a comeback, and that is something every fan can be excited about.

So far, this date has not been verified by Shueisha, TV Tokyo, or Toei Animation. One Piece has kept real quiet ever since its hiatus began about two months ago. But if this new report is to be believed, then Luffy is training hard for his television comeback.

Of course, One Piece is not the only show eyeing a comeback. The end of this month will also welcome back Digimon Adventures (2020) after it was put on hiatus. The show, which is also helmed by Toei Animation, has been airing previous episodes to catch up audiences for this upcoming debut.

Other reports have gone live suggesting that Black Clover will be one of the next anime to return. The magical shonen is said to be eyeing a comeback for early July at this time. Sadly, no info has been given on Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, but fans are hoping the show is able to take back its TV spot soon. Studio Pierrot has been taking its time with its shows' comebacks, and fans are more than happy to wait if it means getting some quality episodes later this year. As for Toei Animation, it seems prepared to navigate the new normal which COVID-19 has instated, and fans are giving the Straw Hats time to adjust to their new seas.

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