One Piece Art Celebrates Robin's Demon Form

The War For Wano is continuing to rage in the pages of One Piece's manga, seeing each of the Straw [...]

The War For Wano is continuing to rage in the pages of One Piece's manga, seeing each of the Straw Hat Pirates having to unleash their ultimate attacks in order to stand a chance of bringing down Kaido and his Beast Pirates, and Nico Robin is no different. With the latest installment of Eiichiro Oda's epic Shonen franchise seeing Robin unleashing her most terrifying attack to date in Demonio Fleuri, it seems that the archaeologist of the Straw Hats has managed to implement the powers granted to her by her Devil Fruit in a very unexpected way.

Face to face with one of Kaido's strongest lieutenants, Robin was able to use her strange abilities to create a giant version of herself that burst forth a number of appendages that seemed to be a challenge that Black Maria might not be able to overcome. With the lieutenant of the Beast Pirates managing to knock Robin down a peg, the Straw Hat found herself unleashing her demonic form that was able to take down Maria using the hilariously named Grand Jacuzzi Clutch. With Maria taken down, the Straw Hat Pirates are in a much better spot than they were originally but still have a long way to go before they can free the borders of the isolated nation known as Wano.

Reddit User Agent-65 shared this somewhat "Not Safe For Work" image that sees the different versions of Nico Robin, with the most powerful easily being the giant demon form that is clearly one of the scariest forms that we've seen of any Straw Hat Pirate to date:

It will take some time before we see this demonic scene play out in the anime of One Piece, though it will easily be one of the most insane moments of the War For Wano Arc that has taken place once it lands on the small screen. While the battle is far from over, Eiichiro Oda's series is clearly letting loose with this insane battle that seems to involve nearly every swashbuckler to be introduced to the Grand Line.

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