One Piece Reveals Big Mom's New Target

One Piece has been building up to big things with its current pace, and the Wano arc is more than happy to oblige. The manga has been busy setting up the final showdown between the Wano rebels and the combined forces of Orochi and Kaido. Of course, things became even more complicated when Big Mom allied herself with the latter group, and it seems she has deviated her target to a surprising Straw Hat.

So if Luffy was worried about the Yonko, he can breathe a sigh of relief. He is still on Big Mom's hit list, but Nami has taken his place at the moment. The Yonko is determined to take back Zeus from the navigator, and Big Mom might have trapped Nami in the worst place.

The update came with One Piece chapter 983 as fans learned where Big Mom ran to after she saw Tony Tony Chopper outside. He managed to lose the Yonko after she caught wind that Zeus was in Wano, and that means Big Mom has got a lock on Nami.


"Big Mom went running off in the direction Nami's group went!! She's trying to take back Zeus, I'm sure," Chopper explained to Usopp as they ran for a retreat.


Luckily, it seems like Nami may catch a break as she and Carrot are running for their lives. Even Zeus is afraid he will be killed by Big Mom for ditching her after he was captured by Nami. While these two heroines are strong in their own right, it is hard to see them defeating Big Mom when Luffy couldn't finish the job at Whole Cake Island. Their best hope is to escape with help from Sanji... but that means the chef has to stop drooling over girls and assist the ladies in his crew.

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