One Piece Reveals Blackbeard's Crew's Wild New Powers

One Piece is now in the midst of the first phase of the final saga of the series overall, and the newest chapter of the series has revealed all of the wild new Devil Fruit powers Blackbeard's crew has been stealing since we had seen them last! Blackbeard's first big move on the rest of the seas is still one that series creator Eiichiro Oda has yet to explain how it worked. Not only was the future Emperor shown to be able to wield two Devil Fruit abilities at once, but he was able to steal one before it returned to be a physical Devil Fruit in nature again

The newest chapters of the series have seen Blackbeard and his crew make their move as they are now vying for the One Piece itself, and the latest entry has made his crew all the more fearsome with their return to action. As the final saga kicks off its first arc and Luffy, Law, and Kid have gone off in their own respective paths towards the final island, Blackbeard's crew has made contact with Law's and now the two have begun a fierce battle in which we are seeing even more of the Devil Fruit powers Blackbeard's crew has acquired

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 1063 of One Piece sees Blackbeard's crew attacking Law, and it's revealed that each of them has a distinct Devil Fruit ability with their reintroduction. Doc-Q has gotten the Sick-Sick Fruit ability, which lets him attack with diseases such as the "feminization disease" he uses to swap Law's gender. Van Auger is revealed to have the Warp-Warp Fruit ability, which allows him to teleport others (and most likely himself) as we see him teleport Jesus Burgess to cut off Law's ship. 

Burgess is then revealed to now have the Strong-Strong Fruit, which gives him super strength. Finally, even Doc-Q's horse Stronger has gotten the Horse-Horse Fruit Mythical Type, Model Pegasus ability that gives him wings. Law reveals that they've gained all of these power through hunting Devil Fruits (something we had seen hinted at before), but after we've seen Blackbeard it's not exactly trustworthy. These powers are almost too strong, so it wouldn't be too outside the realm of possibility to imagine that at least some of them have been stolen. 

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