Pokemon Star Rachael Lillis Launches GoFundMe Amid Cancer Battle

Rachael Lillis voices both Jessie and Misty in the Pokemon anime.

The anime community is coming together to rally behind one of its beloved stars. Not long ago, a GoFundMe was made for Rachael Lillis, a voice actor Pokemon fans will know well. The campaign was created to fund home health care for Lillis as the veteran voice actor is battling breast cancer.

According to the GoFundMe, Lillis has been fighting breast cancer, and the disease has spread into her spine. The progression has made walking nearly impossible for Lillis, prompting her to enter a nursing home in Los Angeles. The voice actress has been in residence since January, but the high-traffic location has made resting difficult for Lillis.

"Hello everyone. I'm trying to raise some funds for my sister Rachael Lillis who is currently in a nursing home facility in Los Angeles. She has been there since late January, but needs either personal care at home for a time Or an Assisted Living facility perhaps, one where she can receive daily care and medication," Laurie Orr, Lillis' sister, shared on GoFundMe.

To date, Lillis' GoFundMe has earned more than $67,000 USD. "For Rachael, it has been so emotionally moving & she feels honored to have had this outpouring of love and support from everyone," the campaign shared in a recent update. "It amazes us that so many have been so kind in their support and we give sincere thanks to you all!"

For those unfamiliar with Lillis by name, you will most definitely know her voice. The actress has done several gigs for Pokemon over the years, but she is known best for voicing Jessie of Team Rocket as well as Misty. Lillis has also starred in big projects like Revolutionary Girl Utena, Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, and Boogiepop Phantom. 

We are sending Lillis and her loved ones all the best at this time. If you'd like to donate to the actress' GoFundMe, you can find it here.