'One Piece' Leak Confirms [SPOILER'S] Transformation

Warning! Massive spoilers for One Piece's 888th chapter lie below!

This week, Shueisha will drop its latest chapter of One Piece, and fans will not want to miss the new release. The manga will return with one big fight and shocking transformation that apparently leaves Tony Tony Chopper lost for words.

Over on Reddit, One Piece's usual round of pre-release leaks hit the anime fandom hard. The website shared the latest batch of spoilers for Eiichiro Oda's series, and fans are keying in on one surprising reveal about Carrot.

Yes, that's right. The bunny gets a big boost in chapter 888 as she takes on a new form.

According to the spoilers, Carrot will take on a brand-new transformation after Big Mom and Smoothie surround the Sunny on the high seas. The girl asks the Straw Hat crew to trust in her abilities as the full moon is about to reveal itself. When the moon appears, Carrot suddenly grows in size and charges the Daifuku Fleet in her "Suron" form, a power-up given to any member of the Mink tribe when they make eye contact with the full moon.

Carrot's berserker form helps her take down Big Mom's underlings with ease and even destroys part of the fleet itself. Chopper apparently watches the surprising transformation in awe as the once-petite Carrot goes on a rampage unlike any the Straw Hat crew imagined possible.

Of course, plenty of One Piece fans will not be surprised by the new form. The manga has hinted at the Minks having a special form since the 'Zou' arc. The previous story saw one character comment it was a good thing there were clouds covering the full moon the night Luffy's team headed to Nekomamushi. The story also said Jack was lucky to have the coverage because he would have been easily killed if he fought the Minks during a full moon.


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