New One Piece Dubbed Episodes Are Now Available

It has taken quite some time, but Funimation has released new English dubbed episodes of One Piece. The gift comes several months after the company confirmed One Piece's dub was back in production. According to Funimation's latest announcement, the dub is picking back up with the Punk Hazard arc, and you can watch its beginnings now.

"The dub has arrived! We're excited to announce that One Piece episodes 575-587, including the start of the Punk Hazard arc, are available now on Microsoft and Amazon digital storefronts," the licensor announced.

This announcement has confirmed 12 episodes of the dub have been added to the One Piece catalog. It picks up with episode 575 and ends on episode 587, so fans will be able to enjoy a few hours of new dubbed content. Currently, these episodes are only available for digital purchase, and you can find the episodes on Amazon or Microsoft.

As for streaming, well - don't go looking for these One Piece episodes on Funimation Now. These new dubs are only available for digital purchase, but Funimation has told fans to stay tuned for an update on when the episodes will join its streaming catalog.

"The team on One Piece has been working hard to bring this dub to you, and even recently announced the June 9 DVD release of One Piece Season Ten Voyage One," the site explains, giving fans on context on how long production took for these new episodes.

"The story picks up after Luffy and the Straw Hats head out from Fish-Man island and set sail once again. That's right, the long-awaited dubbed version of the Punk Hazard arc is officially off and running, and we're so excited to share it with you!"

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