One Piece Shows How Serious Wano's Rebels Are In Battling Kaido

In the nation of Wano, One Piece has seen one of its most action packed arcs as Luffy and his [...]

In the nation of Wano, One Piece has seen one of its most action packed arcs as Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates have brought a war to the doorsteps of the Shogun Orochi and the captain of the Beast Pirates in Kaido, but perhaps none are more serious about the defeat of the evil in this isolated nation than the rebels who always dwelt in the country. The vassals of Oden, a group of wandering samurai that were united under the strength and personality of this "would be Shogun", are leading the charge in freeing their nation, with serious measures!

Warning! If you haven't read the latest manga installment of One Piece in Chapter 978, steer clear as we'll be diving into some serious Wano Country Arc spoilers with the rest of this article!

The Straw Hat Pirates have united not only with the vassals of Oden but also several swashbucklers of the "Worst Generation", creating a force that is rarely seen in the franchise of One Piece. With the location of Kaido's base being known by the rebels, the collective travels to Onigashima to exact revenge on the man who helped in murdering Oden. As the Straw Hats and their friends approach the base, they put to sleep a number of Beast Pirates who were keeping watch and begin to walk through some of the more extreme measures that they'll be taking in this upcoming battle.

Kinemon, the de facto leader of Wano's forces following his death at the hands of Orochi and Kaido, explains that they will be burning the ships they rode in on as they feel that there is no need for them to escape this mission. This obviously hints at the fact that the wandering samurai believe that the only two options for them when it comes to fighting Kaido is to succeed or accept death. Hilariously, the Straw Hats aren't exactly thrilled at the idea of sinking their ship, The Sunny, but luckily don't need to go to those lengths.

As the collective of swashbucklers move into the depths of the Beast Pirates' hideout, Kinemon uses his Garb Garb Devil Fruit powers to give everyone an outfit that blends them right in with the nefarious Beast Pirates, proving that our One Piece protagonists are pulling out all the stops to free the nation of Wano!

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