One Piece Surprises Fans with Luffy's Edgiest Look Yet

One Piece loves taking us all by surprise, so that is why fans did not see Monkey D. Luffy and his [...]

One Piece loves taking us all by surprise, so that is why fans did not see Monkey D. Luffy and his edgiest look yet coming up on the horizon. The manga has been so focused on the Wano Country arc that the poor captain's attire has often gone unnoticed. Now, Luffy is ready to show Kaido who the boss is when it comes to battle, and one of his allies gave him (and his crew) a dark makeover to support the mission.

You can thank the most recent chapter of One Piece for the special gift. The new look made its appearance towards the middle of issue 978 as Luffy and his team arrived at Kaido's island. The fabled stronghold is holding a massive celebration for the Beasts Pirates along with Kaido, so it makes sense that Luffy needs to blend in. It is hard to ambush an enemy when you stick out, so Kin'emon took care of the rebel army with his Devil Fruit power.

This gift allows him to alter anyone's clothing... which came in real handy for this mission. Kin'emon created Beasts Pirates outfits for all of the rebels invading the island topside. That means Luffy had to change his clothes along with the rest of his crew, and the looks are all sorts of edgy.

one piece luffy new look
(Photo: Shueisha)

As you can see above, Luffy is rocking horns like a right devil, and his toned chest is covered by crossed leather straps. The pants he's wearing are made of cropped leather, and his Kaido belt buckle suits the dark aesthetic. Finally, Luffy pairs everything together with shoulder pads, a flowing cloak, and leather gloves. So if you like this look, give your compliments to Kin'emon.

Of course, fans can get a peek at how Nami, Zoro, and even Eustass look. The gang look downright terrifying, but the captains are on another level of scary. These edgy outfits will make them fit in with any Beasts Pirates recruit, and that will suit the rebels just fine until their moment to strike arrives.

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