One Piece Drops Its First Big Gorosei Revelation

One Piece is at it again. When creator Eiichiro Oda promised to kick off the manga's final act, fans were understandably wary, but the series has never been hotter than it is now. Pieces are coming together for Luffy that we never saw coming, and of course, some long-standing questions are being answered. After all, we did just get a major Gorosei revelationl, and the update introduced one of the Five Elders to us for real.

The update came at the end of chapter 1073 if you are keeping up with One Piece. Oda spent most of the release with Luffy and Stussy as they find a way to escape Egghead with Vegapunk in tow. The World Government wants the genius dead, so the Gorosei are overseeing the order. The Marines are obviously on board, and that is why Kizaru is shown in a cliffhanger with one of the elders.

And what might their name be? Well, we have been told at last. One of the elders is named St. Jaygarcia Saturn. The one man is portly with some type of locs and a hat. Dressed in a suit, the bearded elder speaks briefly before the chapter ends, and he confirms the hit on Vegapunk is a regrettable thing.

Currently, this end scene is all we know about Saturn and his ties to the Gorosei. We saw this man some time ago with his fellow Elders during the Ohara Incident. Right now, fans simply know the Gorosei contains the top-ranking Celestial Dragons, and they control just about every facet of society. From media to military and beyond, the Gorosei command what's going on, and they do so under orders from their secret king Im. And after more than 20 years, One Piece seems ready to explore this band of secret kings.

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