One Piece Teases Zoro's Seraphim Beef

One Piece is now working its way through the first major battle of the final saga of the series overall, and the newest chapter of the series is teasing Roronoa Zoro's major beef with the Seraphim weapons released by the Marines! As Luffy and the others quickly aligned themselves with the finally introduced Dr. Vegapunk in the first few chapters of the Egghead arc, they were also soon overwhelmed by CP0 and the world government as they just as quickly swooped in on the island with the intent of wiping out all of Vegapunk's experiments and laboratory research

With the previous chapter of the series seeing a surprising traitor turn coat on the members of CP0, now Vegapunk and the Straw Hats are left to deal with the Seraphim before they destroy the lab thanks to Rob Lucci's orders. With the Seraphim each taking after a member of the former Seven Warlords, Zoro has honed in on the one based on Dracule Mihawk and is facing off against this weapon in order to directly confront this element from his past. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

What is Zoro's Beef With the Seraphim? 

Chapter 1073 of One Piece picks up shortly after Stussy reveals that she was a double agent working for Dr. Vegapunk this entire time, and she reveals that she won't be able to order the Seraphim to stop because she and Lucci share the same authority over them. It's up to the Straw Hats to buy time, and Zoro decides to step in when the one based on Mihawk tries to attack one of the Vegapunk clones. Zoro wasn't around when Vegapunk had explained who the Seraphim are, so he's curious as to what the Mihawk clone is. 

Clashing swords with the weapon, Zoro even jokes that it's a little more human that Mihawk himself. But with the Seraphim having both Mihawk's genes and the Lunarian race abilities that King once had, Zoro's now facing off against both of his past foes. It could serve as a great example of his growth if he manages to take out the weapon, so now it just remains to be seen what comes out of this fight. 

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