One Piece Shocks With One Ally's Real Identity

One Piece has really taken fans by surprise with the real of one ally's real identity with the newest chapter of the series! Throughout the Wano Country arc fans have been given all sorts of clues about how the isolated country is one of the most important islands in the seas overall. Now that the fight on Onigashima is over and the Wano Country arc has come to an end, it's time for the secrets of the country to be revealed even more as series creator Eiichiro Oda prepares to kick off the final saga for the manga series overall.

With the newest chapter of the series officially putting a cap on the Wano Country arc and setting the stage for the final saga to return when Eiichiro Oda returns from his latest break, the series is also revealing many more of the secrets still lurking within the 20 years that have passed in Wano under Kaido and Orochi's rule and it turns out that Oden's father had actually been hiding out under all of their noses. It was revealed in the newest chapter that the masked Hitetsu was actually Sukiyaki Kozuki, the former Shogun of Wano all this time. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 1053 of One Piece continues exploring the immediate fallout of the fights on Onigashima, but while Luffy and the others are celebrating, Nico Robin has a very eye-opening conversation. It's revealed that Sukiyaki was imprisoned under the floor of the castle (rather than being killed as was thought to be the case before), and he had covered himself as Hitetsu the swordsmith in his spare time. He reveals to Robin that he had not intention of telling Momonosuke about his true identity. 

He feels shame over the fact that he allowed Orochi and Kaido to take over Wano under his watch, and when he had escaped his initial imprisonment it was way too late and Wano was already changed too much for him to do anything about it. He reveals that he almost took his life over his shame and depression, but eventually he came to be where he is today. Thankfully too as he knows that not only the Pluton ancient weapon is in Wano, but will also likely be able to point out where it is. 

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