One Piece: How Long Would It Take to Finish the Manga?

Manga has become a powerhouse outside of Japan, and as the industry grows by the day, more fans are checking out classics like One Piece. After more than 20 years in print, creator Eiichiro Oda has published well over 1,000 chapters of his hit seafaring shonen. Plenty have braved the journey to read the entire series, but of course, there are those who are intimidated by the series' length, and many others just want to know how long it would take to catch up with Luffy's adventures. 

A bit of research will give fans an idea of how long it takes to read an individual manga chapter. Depending on its page count, netizens on Reddit and Twitter say their average read time stands between five to ten minutes. We'll take the higher mean here and say a single chapter of One Piece takes about eight minutes to read.

With 1,059 chapters at hand right now, you can simply multiply the number of chapters by eight minutes to figure out the manga's total read time. That is 8,472 minutes of reading or a little less than 142 hours. And if we divide by the days of the week, well – it seems One Piece could be read in six days if you did nothing but binge the manga.

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Of course, that is hardly realistic. Between work or school and life, fans are lucky to get read more than 18 minutes a day according to recent U.S. studies. If you met that minimum, it would take over 458 days to finish One Piece which is a definite challenge. But if you can manage a few days of dedicated reading, you can finish One Piece (up to chapter 1059) within a month or so.

Clearly, One Piece has a lot of baggage behind it, but the series has thrived for decades because it is worth binging. As the series heads towards its final arc, things are only going to get wilder for the Straw Hats. So if you want to see history take place in realtime, it is certainly worth catching up on One Piece. 

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