One Piece Reveals Kanjuro's Roadblock to Orochi

Kanjuro might have thought he was home free, but the latest chapter of One Piece revealed he has [...]

Kanjuro might have thought he was home free, but the latest chapter of One Piece revealed he has yet another major roadblock in between him and Orochi. One Piece's Wano Country arc has reached the apex of the third act as the Straw Hats and the 5,000 strong rebel forces have officially made their way to Onigashima. Their entire plan might have been in trouble thanks to Kanjuro's surprise treachery, but it appears that he has yet to deliver their real plan to Shogun Orochi thanks to an unforeseen new roadblock in the latest chapter.

Chapter 979 of the series sees Kanjuro try and make his way to Orochi's side after kidnapping Momonosuke and flying away, but Luffy and the others found out that they are safe because Kanjuro has yet to deliver the bad news for Orochi. Orochi's forces still see him as an enemy samurai, so it's making things tougher.

Kin'emon guessed that Kanjuro would have trouble making it to Orochi's side, and this turned out to be correct. An update in the chapter sees Kanjuro and the tied up Momonosuke making their way through a series of tunnels that are thankfully unfamiliar to Kanjuro himself. Couple this with the fact that Orochi's side doesn't realize he's a traitor yet, and Luffy and the rebels still have a chance.

One Piece Kanjuro Orochi Roadblock Chapter 979
(Photo: Shueisha)

It's a good opportunity for Momonosuke too, who bravely told the rest of the samurai rebels to go on to Onigashima without him. Luffy and the others realized just how bravely Momonosuke was acting in that moment (he wanted to be saved, however), and hopefully he'll get away safely. Monomonosuke is preparing to act when he sees a lone dagger, and perhaps it will give him the opening he needs.

With Kanjuro occupied, Orochi and Kaido are completely unaware that Luffy and the rebels are already well into their territory. As the Wano Country arc continues this third act, now we'll begin to see how the war unfolds between the two massive armies. It's possible this battle will shake up the rest of the series as a whole. But what do you think?

Think Momonosuke will be able to free himself from Kanjuro? Will Kanjuro tell Orochi of the rebels' plans before they can make their move? Did you guess that he was the traitor before it was officially revealed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!