One Piece Reveals How the Rebels Will Sneak Into Kaido's Lair

The war for the soul of the country of Wano is in full swing, with the Straw Hat Pirates bringing the war directly to the Beast Pirates and their leader Kaido, with a new plan being unfurled for how the protagonists of One Piece are able to sneak into the lair undetected! Following the reunion that has brought together Luffy's crew, the vassals of Oden, and several members of the Worst Generation, it's crystal clear that this war, once all the parties begin their fight proper, will be one of the biggest of the popular anime franchise!

Warning! If you haven't read Chapter 978 of One Piece's manga, you may want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we'll be diving into some deep spoiler territory for the Wano Country Arc!

With the rebels of Wano deciding to take the fight directly to the Beast Pirates and the sinister Shogun of Orochi, they have figured out the perfect way to sneak into the lair of Kaido without being noticed. Following their successful attempt at putting the guards to sleep, the rebels burn a number of their ship with the vassals of Oden noting that this would be a mission where they either succeed or die. Of course, this leads to a hilarious moment where the Straw Hats refuse to burn Sunny in a similar fashion.

As Kinemon walks them through the plan, he uses the power of his "Garb Garb Fruit" in order to give the attire of the Beast Pirates to each member of the rebellion. The likes of Luffy, Nami, Sanji, and countless others are given outfits that make them blend in seamlessly with the Beast Pirates, giving them the perfect advantage to go undercover in taking down Kaido's forces.

With the full force of the Beast Pirates and Orochi's forces starting to "get funky" with a giant celebration, the Straw Hat Pirates and the rest of the rebels of Wano have been given the perfect opportunity to take the nefarious armies of Wano completely by surprised. We would imagine that we will see plenty of fan art in the future depicting these brand new darker looks for Luffy and the rest of his crew in the future!


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