One Piece Shows Off Kinemon's Best Moment Yet

One Piece's Wano Country arc has reached a whole new stage as the third act is now getting ready for a major war between Luffy and the rebels against Kaido and Shogun Orochi's forces. But things hit a wall when it was revealed that Orochi had bombed all of the ports and seemingly took out all of the rebel forces before they hit the seas. But there was an even bigger surprise in the previous chapter of the series when it was revealed that the Akazaya Nine had a traitor in their midst that had been feeding Orochi info.

It might have seemed like Orochi finally had Luffy and the others beat, but Chapter 975 of the series revealed Kin'emon's best moment in the series to date. It's one that he didn't plan either as it's revealed that Denjiro had planned for the rebels to wait at a different location than the one Kin'emon told everyone to, and that accident ended up being what saved the rebels.

The latest chapter of the series sees Denjiro (formerly Kyoshiro) explained that Yasuie's image had a particular message and he assumes that Kin'emon decoded it, but gave a different location because he believed there was a spy among them. He stated Kin'emon cleverly diverted their attention away from where the rebels would be truly hiding, and now they have over 5000 warriors ready to fight with them.

All of this was given credit to Kin'emon, who they're now calling a man worthy of their respect. All while Denjiro is explaining this, Kin'emon had been silently taking it all in. Not breaking his poker face, Kin'emon thinks to himself about the mistake he made that he didn't realize it was supposed to be the wharf after all.

This moment will most likely set up Kin'emon was one of the next in line to have a high position once all of this is over, and while we've seen this character guarding Momonosuke since the Zou arc this is the first time that we've seen him get this kind of wild acknowledgement. Given how series creator Eiichiro Oda likes to set things up, this could be the start of something huge.


What did you think of Kin'emon's greatest moment in the series to date? How did you react to finding out his big mistake actually saved the rebel forces in the end? How do you think he'll play this going forward? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!