One Piece Cliffhanger Sets Up Kinemon's Death

One Piece is setting the stage for Kin'emon's death with the newest chapter of the series! The war [...]

One Piece is setting the stage for Kin'emon's death with the newest chapter of the series! The war at Onigashima has reached a new stage as the first real round of fights have reached their various surprising results. Although the Akazaya Nine were standing tall at the start of the big battle as they were the first ones to fight against Kaido, it's been a pretty harsh road for them ever since. Not only did they suffer some major injuries following that first battle, various tricks and foes have seen each of them knocked down even more so.

This was especially true with the newest chapter of the series. Following the possible deaths of Ashura Doji and O-Kiku in the previous chapters of the series, the newest chapter saw the Akazaya Nine take another major loss as Kin'emon might be the next one to fall. As we see him taken down with a brutal swipe of a blade from Kaido, the newest chapter just might be spelling death for the current leader of Oden's former retainers.

One Piece Kinemon Death Spoilers Kaido Tease
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Chapter 1015 of the series picks up after Kin'emon directly took on Kaido in the previous chapter. It's revealed that his efforts to hold Kaido back were in vain, and his katana has been broken as a result of the effort. With Shinobu trying to escape with Momonosuke, Kin'emon begins to have flashbacks of their time together since the two of them came 20 years into the futute. In a last ditch effort to but Momonosuke more time, Kin'emon makes one final stand.

Jabbing his broken sword into Kaido's leg, he stands one final time as Kaido drives a sword through his chest. This is most likely the end for Kin'emon, but his actual death is obscured by shadow. As we have seen in the series previously, a character's death isn't always quite set in stone until it's outright confirmed to be the case. This is the same for the other fallen members of the Akazaya Nine as well.

We likely won't get the full scope of the losses in this battle until it's all over, but hopefully Kin'emon can make it to the end of the battle. If not, this was a noble way for him to go out. But what do you think? Is this really going to be the end of Kin'emon? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!