Netflix's One Piece Series Reveals How Involved the Creator Is

Netflix is diving further in the world of live-action anime adaptations, with upcoming adaptations of both Avatar The Last Airbender and Yu Yu Hakusho. The biggest series in this vein might just be One Piece, which has wrapped production but has yet to share any footage from the series. With creator Eiichiro Oda coming on board as an executive producer, new details have emerged about his role on the new series and just how much control he has in his role.      

Eiichiro Oda has been working on One Piece for over twenty years at this point, with the mangaka following Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates for the entirety of that time in Weekly Shonen Jump. With the War For Wano recently coming to an end in the pages of the manga, the Final Arc has finally begun, which will most likely both end Luffy's journey while also revealing just what the One Piece treasure is. While we doubt we'd see these events play out in the live-action series any time soon if ever, the Netflix adaptation has stated time and time again that it will be following the original anime events quite closer.

Eiichiro One Piece

Twitter Outlet New World Artur had shared information gleaned from showrunner Matt Owens, in which the creative mind partly responsible for the live-action adaptation confirms that Eiichiro Oda reviews and corrects all the scripts for Netflix's One Piece manually while also gaining approval for any changes that might differ from the source material:

Anime fans have always been somewhat hesitant about live-action anime adaptations, with Netflix itself canceling Cowboy Bebop following its first season. Despite Oda's involvement, there is still a lot of speculation from the anime fan community, though we'll see if the first footage from the series is able to change some minds. As it stands, the live-action adaptation has yet to receive a release date and a trailer is nowhere to be found, though we're crossing our fingers that it will land at some point before year's end. 

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