New Theory Breaks Down 'One Piece's Insane Bounty For Luffy

Eiichiro Oda likes big bounties, and he cannot lie. Over the years, the creator of One Piece has [...]

Eiichiro Oda likes big bounties, and he cannot lie. Over the years, the creator of One Piece has given a few character some insanely high bounties, and Monkey D. Luffy is the most recent man to join that list. However, fans should think twice before giving the captan's new price too much clout.

If you need a refresher on Luffy's bounty, then there is one big thing you need to know. After One Piece brought the 'Whole Cake Island' arc to an end, Oda revealed the new price the Marines put on the boy's head. Luffy's takedown of Charlotte Katakuri and Big Mom prompted his bounty to skyrocket over a billion belly, leaving the entire fandom stunned. Still, one fan-theory stresses this new bounty isn't meant to signal an overall raise in bounty reassignments.

No, this promotion was done strategically, and Luffy may fair all the worse for it.

Over on Reddit, a new fan-theory got the anime fandom thinking about how Luffy's bounty should be taken. For the captain to have a bounty over one billion is hard to believe, and many wondered if these numbers were about to be inflated in the same way Dragon Ball power levels were by the end of Dragon Ball Z. However, a user by the name /Gsz21 thinks Luffy got such a massive raise for reasons outside of his own threat level.

As the fan-theory goes, the new bounty Luffy is rocking has more to do with the Marines than the Devil Fruit user himself. "This wasn't a regular bounty increase, and that Luffy's bounty is so high doesn't mean that all the important characters of the story are going to have a bounty higher than this one. Yonkos being an exception," the fan writes.

"This was a particular situation and the goverment decided to give Luffy a big boost as a strategy. So the other Yonkos would take him out. A bounty like this is still insane in OP world, like incredibly insane. Bounties reflect how much danger a pirate or a criminal presents to the world. That's why they have an internal logic."

Yes, Luffy may be extremely powerful, but his billion-belly bounty wasn't assigned because of his strength. Guys like Kaidou can assign their terrifying reputations to their power levels, but Luffy's threat lies within his potential. The captain's charismatic personality, bullheaded crew, and ability to influence others are just as threatening to the Marines as his power levels. So, it's easy to see why the white-coats would bump the bounty in hopes someone else will take down Luffy for them.

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