One Piece Reveals Big Mom's Surprising Plan for Nico Robin

One Piece is ready to move ahead with a new era of life as the manga is about to debut a major [...]

One Piece is ready to move ahead with a new era of life as the manga is about to debut a major chapter. After more than 25 years, One Piece will put out its 1000th chapter, and that is a huge accomplishment for creator Eiichiro Oda as you can imagine. But as fans move along with this arc, they better keep a close eye on Nico Robin...

After all, it seems the heroine is being targeted yet again. The Straw Hat has found herself in the crosshairs of Big Mom as the Yonko has told Kaido she covets the scholar.


The revelation went down in One Piece chapter 999 at the very end when Big Mom and Kaido reunite. It is there fans were able to check in on their chat, and Big Mom admitted she wants Nico Robin alive. And as for the rest of the crew? She is happy to see the Straw Hats wiped out.

You can probably guess why Big Mom is eager to capture Nico Robin. It is for the reason everyone else wants the scholar. Robin is the last of her people who can read the ancient poneglyphs around the world. These tablets tell of a forgotten history before the World Government came to be. Not only is this info very valuable, but the poneyglyphs also promise to lead pirates to the treasure once secured by Gol D Roger.

At one point, it seems Big Mom had hoped to make Pudding her guide as the girl has a mystical third eye. Sadly, Pudding has yet to unlock those powers, so Big Mom is ready to make Robin do her bidding. But if Luffy has anything to say about this, it is not going to happen.

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