One Piece Just Brought Back a Surprising Whitebeard Pirate

One Piece is never a series to forget a character, and that was made all the more obvious this [...]

One Piece is never a series to forget a character, and that was made all the more obvious this week. After all, the manga made a big comeback with chapter 284 as it brought back a rather interesting character. A former commander of the Whitebeard Pirates has come to Wano with Marco, and it is none other than Kiku's brother.

If you have read the most recent chapter of One Piece, you will know what all is going on. The end of the chapter checked in on the samurai of Wano as they arrived at Kaido's lair. The island will witness the big war for Wano as the rebels are ready to take down the Beasts Pirates along with Orochi. But when Marco showed up, Kiku was more stunned to see his brother.

"Just look at you now, Kiku! You've turned into a great samurai," Izo tells his younger sibling.

As you can imagine, Kiku is plenty emotional about the reunion as it has been a long time since they were together. After their dad was arrested, the family was fractured, and Izo ended up becoming a pirate after escaping Wano. He was taken in by the Whitebeard Pirates where he worked up to the rank of commander. He even oversaw the 16th division and met Luffy during the Battle at Marineford some years ago.

Since the death of Whitebeard, no one has been able to keep close tabs on Izo, but fans are glad to see the sharpshooter show up once more. Kiku has been reunited with his brother at long last, and Izo has the chance to see his home country restored to its former glory. So if we are lucky, Izo and Kiku will team up for some joint battles before this overdo coup is all said and done.

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