One Piece Finally Unmasks Yamato in Surprise Face Reveal

One of the biggest surprise mysteries of Wano Country arc's third act has been the identity of [...]

One of the biggest surprise mysteries of Wano Country arc's third act has been the identity of Kaido's son Yamato, and after pledging to help Luffy, this masked warrior revealed their true face with One Piece's latest chapter. Yamato has been a point of interest ever since Kaido tasked his six strongest warriors, the Tobi Roppo, with bringing his son to Onigashima's party officially as he prepared to make a massive announcement. Then there was a small hint of why Yamato was not at the party with the others because they were trying to get Luffy's attention.

After surprisingly saving Luffy from Ulti and Page One in the previous chapter, and fighting off Luffy in an attempt to talk with him, Yamato removed their mask at the end of Chapter 984 of the series and took Luffy and fans by surprise. Because under it was not Kaido's son in a traditional sense, but instead a daughter who identifies themself as such.

Chapter 984 picks up from the surprise cliffhanger that revealed that Yamato was trying to ally themself with Luffy against their father. Revealing that at a young age Yamato had told their father they wanted to be like Kozuki Oden and was punished for it, Yamato had seen Oden's final execution take place over 20 years ago. After seeing Oden bravely take on the boiling execution, and crying seeing their father kill him, Yamato vowed to fight for Oden from then on.

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Finding Oden's journal that detailed his journey with Whitebeard and Gol D. Roger's crew (that's teased to have some "very important things"), Yamato now is vowing to open up Wano's borders to the rest of the world just as Kozuki Oden did all those years ago before his death. As for why they are being referred to as Kaido's son, Yamato decided to become a man because Oden was a man. That's all there is to it!

Their full look is modeled after Oden's outfit from all those years ago, and now they and Luffy will be joining forces from here on out as the Wano Country arc continues. What did you think of this surprise reveal? What did you expect Kaido's son to look like under the mask? What role do you think Yamato will play in the war for Wano? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!