One Piece Producer Discusses 'Film Z' and the Series Creator's Involvement

The epic Shonen anime franchise of One Piece has not only conquered both the mediums of anime and manga, but also the silver screen as the long running series has had its fair share of feature length films focused squarely on the Straw Hat Pirates, and in a recent interview, a producer behind the twelfth film of the series, One Piece: Film Z, broke down the involvement of the prolific franchise's creator, Eiichiro Oda.

Oda himself has been working hard on the latest story line for One Piece running in both the anime and the manga as the Straw Hat Pirates have been navigating the isolated nation known as Wano Country. In attempting to free the denizens of this besieged country, both Luffy and the rest of his crew have gotten samurai makeovers to help blend into the unique environment.

Twitter User Sandman_AP shared an excerpt from the interview with the Film Z Producer, Tatsuya Nagamine, who broke down the involvement of the franchise's creator, Eiichiro Oda, and how his input had changed the overall story of One Piece: Film Z:

The official description for the twelfth film in the One Piece series, One Piece: Film Z, reads as such:

"The Straw Hat Pirates enter the rough seas of the New World in search of the hidden treasures of the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger-One Piece. On their voyage, the pirates come across a terrifying, powerful man, former Marine Admiral Z. Z is accused of having stolen the "Dyna Stones", weapons believed to have the power to shake up the New World. The Marine Headquarters believes Z is about to use it to end the pirate era, and with it, the lives of many innocent people. In fear of such a phenomenal event, marines start to take action against the former admiral. Even if it means stumbling upon marines and the navy, the Straw Hat Pirates decided to chase after Z and stop him from causing havoc. As they continue to embark on their ventures, the pirates bump into new and familiar acquaintances."


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