One Piece Releases Special "Vivi's Adventure" Oneshot

While Eiichiro Oda has spent decades forming the world of the Grand Line and the journey of Monkey [...]

While Eiichiro Oda has spent decades forming the world of the Grand Line and the journey of Monkey D. Luffy to becoming king of the pirates, the mangaka hasn't been shy about allowing other popular creators to add to the lore of the massively popular Shonen franchise known as One Piece. With a new one-shot diving into the back story of the princess of Arabasta, Vivi, Oda has handed over the reins of his property to mangaka Naoshi Komi, who is responsible for such stories as Nisekoi, Koi no-Kami-Sama, and a number of other manga series.

Vivi's Adventure takes us back to the Arabasta Arc, wherein the princess almost became an official member of the Straw Hat Pirates herself, but decided instead to part ways when the story came to a close. Though Vivi hasn't played a major role in the Wano Arc that is currently taking place in both the anime and manga series of One Piece, she has been keeping a tab on the journey of Luffy and his crew, and we definitely wouldn't be surprised if the princess was to make some sort of appearance in the war between the Straw Hats and Kaido's Beast Pirates before the battle comes to a close.

The Official Twitter Account for Shonen Jump gave fans the opportunity to read this brand new one-shot that further explores the world of One Piece via a creator who doesn't have the name of Eiichiro Oda and explores the world of Vivi during the arc that brought her into the world of the Grand Line:

This isn't the only time that Eiichiro Oda has allowed other mangakas to take a crack at the world of Luffy and company, with the creator of Dr. Stone, Boichi, recently creating a prequel series that further explored the early adventures of Luffy's brother Ace. With One Piece inching to its grand finale, it will be interesting to see if any other popular mangaka adds to the lore of the Grand Line.

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