One Piece Drops Hint About Wano's Final Battle

One Piece knows what makes a good villain, and the Yonko are living proof of that. Creator Eiichiro Oda made up the all-powerful pirates to be the biggest threat to our heroes. Aside from guys like Shanks, there are enemies like Kaido who are worth being scared of, and One Piece just teased a tidbit about his crew which could tie into the finale of the Wano Country arc.

Recently, One Piece put out a brand-new chapter, and it was there fans met up with Kaido. The man is at a feast with Orochi celebrating their time ruling over Wano, and the final page teases the reveal of Kaido's top men. The Tobi Roppo are said to be the six commanders of the army, and that matches a bit too well with the Straw Hats.

"Master Kaido, all six of the Tobi Roppo are present!! Shall I bring them in," one of the party members asks.

(Photo: Toei Animation)

The chapter ends before the pirates are show in full, but fans have heard enough about them to be nervous. The Tobi Roppo are the strongest six members in Kaido's crew who have eaten their own SMILE fruits. Gifted with insane power, these pirates are way stronger than any of the Headliners who the Straw Hats have battled before, and that bodes poorly for the crew.


After all, One Piece fans know Monkey D. Luffy is going to go straight after the Yonko in battle, leaving the Tobi Roppo to fight... who? Well, if there are six of them and all of the Straw Hats left to fight, I think you can figure it out. It seems pretty likely the Straw Hats will have to fight these baddies perhaps with some help. And if that is not enough to get you hyped, well - that means Chopper and Nami could finally be preparing to gear up for battle!

Do you think this is how the final battle will play out? Or will the Straw Hats be needed elsewhere? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCBto talk all things comics and anime!