One Piece: Netflix Producers Reveal How Many Seasons They Want

The producers of One Piece's live-action television series share how many seasons they want to adapt the anime.

It's no secret that One Piece is one of the longest-running shonen series in the world today, with both the manga and anime adaptation running for over one thousand entries each. While creator Eiichiro Oda has stated that the final saga is currently underway in the manga's pages, the anime adaptation is preparing to bring the War for Wano Arc to a close. With Netflix's live-action adaptation of the Straw Hats becoming a success, producers Marty Adelstein and Becky Clements revealed how many seasons they want Luffy and company to stick around for.

The first season of One Piece's live-action series runs for eight episodes, arriving earlier this summer and covering a good portion of the East Blue Saga from both the manga and anime. When comparing this with the anime adaptation, this covers anywhere from forty to fifty episodes of material. With the anime series well over one thousand installments to date, it would mean that the live-action series has some serious catching up to do. It would take quite a few years to reach a point where we are able to see live-action Monkey D. Luffy achieve his Gear Fifth form while fighting Kaido, but the success of the Netflix series might actually make this possible.

One Piece Forever

To start, Marty Adelstein confirmed that he is hoping to see the live-action series net an astonishing twelve seasons to reach the current material playing out in the manga. Fellow Executive Producer Becky Clements added that they have quite a plan for the future in place with showrunner Matt Owens, "We're over 1,080 chapters at this point in the manga... We have plans with Matt Owens for how we would break multiple seasons, and I think even if we did six seasons, we would probably only use up half of the chapters of the manga. It really could go on and on and on."

Clements then expanded on working with the streaming service on the future of the smash-hit series, "Everything we do is in concert with Netflix, [manga publisher] Shueisha and Oda-san, they are a part of that conversation. We've definitely had more thorough conversations about what we would do with Season 2 should we have the opportunity, and then less extensive conversations about where we would go for season three to six. The one thing I would say, we're all unified in the parts of the manga that you just absolutely cannot eliminate, and that's our guiding principle, the stories that we know and the characters that we know are important to the fans. So that really is the start in breaking future seasons. It will require a lot of conversations, but we feel lucky to have the roadmap."

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