One Piece Gives Zoro a Powerful New Sword

One Piece gave Roronoa Zoro a powerful new sword in the latest episode of the anime! As the anime series took the final steps of preparation for the Wano Country arc's second act, each of the major players in the first two acts are going into the third significantly different. Not only has Luffy seemingly been able to master his newest form of Haki, Ryuo, but Zoro will be rewarded for his work protecting Hiyori Kozuki with a powerful new sword. As was teased by the previous cliffhanger, this new sword once belonged to Oden Kozuki himself.

Episode 956 of the series was not only the final One Piece episode of 2020, but was also the final episode of the Wano Country arc's second act. This meant the final pieces were being put in place such as Zoro carrying a far stronger sword into battle, and it's already looking like it's going to come at a tough price in order to wield this new blade, Enma.

As Hitetsu explains, Zoro's new sword is one of the blades Oden once wielded against Kaido that are passed down to his children. Momonosuke refuses to inherit his for now, and Hiyori instead offers it to Zoro in exchange for the return of Shusui. Oden was the only one to ever successfully use this blade, and it's because it tends to absorb Haki wildly with each use.

We see this in action as Enma absorbs more of Zoro's Haki into it than he intends. This gives him the ability to completely slice off an edge of a cliff, but also shrinks his arm down to nothing. He's able to get it under control, but it's now clear that if Zoro actually wants to fight with this new blade he's going to need to master his Haki control when using it.

But at the same time, Zoro is heading into Wano's final battle with one of the only weapons to ever damage Kaido. There's a good chance Zoro will be able to wield this blade in the same way, and if he's able to, Zoro will come out of this arc far stronger than we have ever seen him in the past. But what do you think?


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