One Piece Drops Curious Teaser About Sanji's Fiery Powers

One Piece has dropped a curious teaser about Sanji's fiery powers with the newest chapter of the series! The Wano Country arc has been getting bigger and bigger because while it might currently be in the climax of the war on Onigashima, each new chapter of the series has been dropping smaller hints and teases that could shake up the foundation of the series as a whole. This is especially true for the newest chapter of the series as fans have gotten some curious teases about the true nature of Sanji's fiery kicking abilities.

The previous chapter of the series officially kicked off what seems to be Zoro and Sanji's final fight of the arc as the two of them are taking on two of the Lead Performers, King and Queen, and through the fight there are some major teases about Sanji as Queen draws a distinct connection to the extinct Lunarian race. Even going as far to note that Sanji's flame abilities don't seem like they could belong to a human.

One Piece 1023 Sanji Fiery Power Source Truth Teaser Manga Spoilers
(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 1023 continues the mystery of the Lunarian race that King was alluded to be the remnant of in a previous chapter of the series. Seeing King's flaming body, Marco remembers how Whitebeard told him about a land of gods that used to exist before Marijoa. Interestingly enough, Sanji reveals that he's been feeling weird ever since he first put on the Raid Suit earlier in the arc. As he explains to Zoro, it's not that he feels bad, but feels weird. This seems to get King's attention.

Making matters even more curious is the fact that Queen thinks Sanji's abilities are a result of the Vinsmoke's cyborg experiments, and even thinks Sanji's burning leg is an implanted weapon of some sort. When Sanji denies this, Queen responds with the question, "Does a human burn like that?! I know you ain't a Lunarian!!" and this gets King's attention as well. So now it seems like Sanji's fiery kicks do not come from his Haki training, but instead could come from a godly source.


But what do you think of this tease? Do you think Sanji has a secret connection with the Lunarian race? Do you think it means there's a stronger version of this ability still coming our way? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!