One Piece Sets Up Luffy's Rematch with Big Mom

One Piece fans had a grand time watching the Straw Hats face off with Big Mom months ago, but the match has soured in recent chapters. After all, fans felt they were robbed of an epic fight between Monkey D. Luffy and Big Mom since the former needed to escape with Sanji. Now, the Wano arc has reunited the two foes, and fans are ready to see Luffy take on Big Mom for real.

So you have been warned! There are spoilers below for chapter 987! Proceed with extreme caution:

The latest chapter of One Piece is a packed one as it features the ins and outs of war. While Kaido deals with the Kozuki Vassals, it falls to Luffy to take on Big Mom. Or rather, the Yonko goes chasing after the Straw Hat captain as soon as she sees him.

one piece luffy
(Photo: Shueisha)

When the pair quit running, Luffy comes face to face with the deadly Yonko. It is there Big Mom questions Luffy about his business in Wano, and the captain makes it clear he's here to beat down anyone who has ever given Wano grief.

"It is Kaido and you and your officers and Orochi and his followers," the boy shouts. "I came here to whoop the whole lot of you! It's an all-out war!!"


Of course, Big Mom cannot help but laugh at the the threat, but things get more serious when her team realizes the extent of the Rebel Army. Kaido takes the jab seriously as he prepares to take on the samurai along with a terrifying Sulong warrior. As for Luffy, he is stuck underground with Big Mom ready to square up, so fans can expect the pair to begin their awaited rematch before too long.

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