One Piece: Here Are All the Tobi Roppo

One Piece's anime might currently be in the midst of a hiatus due to the effects of the [...]

One Piece's anime might currently be in the midst of a hiatus due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, but thankfully Eiichiro Oda's original manga is set to continue for the time being. The Wano Country arc is nearing the climax of the third act as Luffy and the rebel forces have officially made their way into Onigashima, and it's already revealed that this island is full of the strongest members of Kaido's forces. One such group had yet to be fully revealed, the Tobi Roppo, and now we've gotten their full line up with the latest chapter.

Chapter 978 of the series introduces us to the Tobi Roppo, the six strongest members of the Beasts Pirates' Headliners, and are just under the strength of the three Lead Performers. One of the members is Kaido's son (though it's currently unclear as to which one this could be), and one is a traitor to the Marines, so it's going to be interesting to see how this group dynamic unfolds.

The chapter ends on a cliffhanger giving us a full breakdown of the six Tobi Roppo. Along with the previously seen members with Page-One and X. Drake are Ulti, Who's-Whp, Black Maria, and Sasaki. They each seem to have goals of their own, and by the sounds of their meeting at Onigashima they are all rarely gathered together in the same place.

Tobi Roppo One Piece
(Photo: Viz Media)

Unfortunately, Oda does the usual thing of laying out each of the characters' names and designs, but it's not yet clear what kind of strength each of these fighters holds. As the top of the Headliners, it's clear that they are going to be tough opponents, however. They are not the only threats gathered on the island either as Big Mom's Charlotte Family and Shogun Orochi have also made they way to this big island party.

The Wano rebels will be putting their lives on the line for this fight as some of them are prepared to die in the middle of this huge battle. It's not clear just yet as to how the fights of this arc will be spread out among all of the participants, but there are so many different factions here that it's sure to create some interesting match ups.

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