One Piece Will Soon Introduce Kaido's Son

If there is one thing manga readers know, it is that One Piece has some truly massive baddies. The feared gang of Yonko isn't one you want to run into on a peaceful stroll, but that has never stopped Monkey D. Luffy from antagonizing them. In fact, the hero has been messing with Kaido for quite some time now, and it seems the Yonko is about to call in some reinforcements in the form of his son.

Yes, that is right; You did not read that wrong! It turns out Kaido has a son, and One Piece fans are set to meet the boy soon enough. That is, if fans have not met the Beasts Pirates heir already.

The reveal went down in the latest chapter of One Piece. The update given at the end of chapter 977 confirmed Kaido has a son, and the boy is on his way to celebrate with his father.

One Piece Kaido Anime Art
(Photo: Shueisha)

"Hey, where is he," Kaido can be seen yelling towards his crew. "Where is my son? He should be making an appearance!! It's a feast."

As you can see, Kaido is not shy about his son when talking to his crew, but the mysterious boy might not like to show his face often. It could be because Kaido's son does not fit in with the Beasts Pirates. You would expect the boy to take after his father, but readers are starting to wonder if Kaido's son falls far away from the tree that is his dad.


For now, fans will have to wonder about One Piece a bit longer. The title will not put out a new chapter this week due to the coronavirus pandemic, but it should return the following week unless plans change. And if that is the case, then creator Eiichiro Oda is going to have to give fans a tease or two about the boy's identity.

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