One Piece Shows Off a Chaotic Worst Generation Tag Team

One Piece showed off a chaotic Worst Generation tag team in the newest chapter of the series! The [...]

One Piece showed off a chaotic Worst Generation tag team in the newest chapter of the series! The monumental 1000th chapter of the series set up the hugest fight in Eiichiro Oda's manga to date as five members of the Worst Generation found themselves standing against two of the four Emperors of the sea. As the Wano Country arc is reaching the climactic final battle of the war at Onigashima, Luffy finally made his way to the top of the skull dome in one of his most impressive moments in the manga overall. But he wasn't alone.

Standing at his side are the fellow members of the Worst Generation, Roronoa Zora, Trafalgar Law, Eustass Kid, and Killer. Following the cliffhanger that saw the five of them standing against the two superpowers, Chapter 1001 of the series makes good on that promise by showing off just how chaotic their team up is really going to be throughout this coming battle.

Chapter 1001 picks up immediately after that initial intense stare down as the fight begins proper. As one would expect, Luffy, Law and Kid don't necessarily want to work with one another as each one wants to eventually get the credit for taking Big Mom and Kaido down. Not only that, but they each have their own respective pride as captains to uphold when the fight begins.

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One such moment sees Luffy, Law, and Kid hilariously take an attack from Big Mom's Prometheus straight on because Luffy makes it a contest. The first to move would lose, so Law and Kid refuse to move as well leading to all three of them taking the hit. Kaido then gets curious and wants to test the power of them all himself so all five of the Supernovas then decide to attack Kaido together.

Each one of them does hit Kaido with their respective attacks, but the Emperor just brushes it all off. It goes to show that each of them are going to have to find a way to work together somehow rather than argue between themselves to take both Big Mom and Kaido down at the end of the day. But at the same time, there's definitely a potential that these five can do so.

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