One Piece Fan Brings Zoro's Big Wano Fight to Life

The War For Wano is in full swing in both the episodes of One Piece's anime as well as the printed [...]

The War For Wano is in full swing in both the episodes of One Piece's anime as well as the printed chapters of the Shonen series' manga, and one fan has decided to animate one of the biggest moments of the latest arc in which the Straw Hat pirates' resident swordsman, Roronoa Zoro, tests his strength against the captain of the Beast Pirates, Kaido. Since wielding the sword of Wano, many fans have believed that Zoro would be the one to deliver the killing blow to the villainous swashbuckler who can transform into a dragon, though this is easier said than done.

The Wano Arc has easily been one of the most action-packed stories in the history of One Piece, with the Straw Hat Pirates finally fully reunited following the time skip of two years that saw Luffy and his crew going their separate ways in order to gain more strength. Eiichiro Oda, the creator of the popular Shonen series, has gone on record time and time again that he plans on ending the story of Luffy attempting to become king of the pirates within the next five years, though it will certainly be interesting to see what the finale of the series has in store for Zoro and if he is able to ultimately survive the War for Wano.

Twitter Artist 4takuri brought to life the battle between Zoro and Kaido that took place in the pages of the Wano Arc, with the green-haired swordsman ultimately unable to defeat the captain of the Beast Pirates but still able to deliver a blow to the dragon-man that many in the world of the Gran Line never saw coming:

The War For Wano is showing no signs of ending any time soon in either the anime or the manga, with Zoro currently injured to the extent in the printed story that he looks like a mummy wrapped in bandages and is being carried by the Straw Hats' chef, Sanji. While we aren't sure how Zoro will be able to heal himself prior to the finale of the Wano Arc, many are still crossing their fingers that the swordsman will be the one to deliver the final blow to Kaido.

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