One Punch Man Artist Shows Off 'Failed' Fubuki Sketches

One-Punch Man arrived on the scene with a premise that seemed thin at its core, but has since [...]

One-Punch Man arrived on the scene with a premise that seemed thin at its core, but has since become a beloved anime franchise within the medium, and one of the artists of the ongoing manga has shared a number of "failed" sketches for the B-tier hero known as Fubuki. Fubuki, of course, is the sister to one of the strongest heroes in the game today in Tatsumaki, the Terror Tornado, and is hoping to one day not be overshadowed by her insanely powerful sibling while also continuing to hoodwink other heroes in her ranks to maintain her status!

Fubuki made her first appearance in the One-Punch Man anime during its second season which saw the Monster Association attempting to control the surface world via death, destruction, and subjugation not just thanks to their insane power levels, but also thanks to the "Monster Cells" which, when eaten, give folks monstrous appearances and powers to match. Though Fubuki hasn't played a major role in the battle against the monsters, definitely expect her to make further appearances in the anime should the series eventually continue. With the third season having yet to be confirmed to make its debut, fans are waiting to see if Saitama and the rest of the Hero Association will one day return to the small screens!

One-Punch Man artist, Yusuke Murata shared these "failed" sketches for Fubuki that didn't see the light of the day, but still do a fantastic job of showing off the sister to the Terror Tornado who has some serious difficulty in wrangling Saitama into her plans that worked so well on other B Class heroes:

In the pages of One-Punch Man's manga, Saitama and company are still battling against the nefarious forces of the Monster Association, dead set on controlling the world with a variety of terrifying creatures at their disposal! With the series giving us plenty of heroes and villains to follow outside of the story of the One-Punch Man, we definitely hope that Fubuki is able to get more screen time in the franchise moving forward!

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