One-Punch Man Cliffhanger Is Hinting At Saitama's Biggest Battle

One-Punch Man is readying fans for the fight we have all been waiting for with the cliffhanger for the newest chapter of the manga! The Human Monster Saga has been one of the longest stories in the series thus far as it began with introducing Garou to the franchise as a new villain who was seeking to take down as many of the professional heroes as possible. The arc took several major twists and turns with the introduction of the Monster Association, and the full out war between two sides has reached its climax as the final players are being eliminated one by one.  

All of the major and important players have made it to the final battlefield for the conflict to come, and this means Saitama is now back in the mix as well. After taking down one of the bigger targets with the same ease he always has, Saitama has finally settled down its aftermath and has returned back to the action. At the same time, Garou had been unlocking his new level of power to take down the other major target seen in the previous chapters and now the two of them have once again come face to face as Saitama is ready to throw down. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

When Saitama made his way back to the surface after all of the fights against the Monster Association in a previous chapter, the series had trolled fans with the idea of a fight between Saitama and Garou as the two had locked eyes but Saitama was more interested in checking in with Genos instead. Garou and Saitama's fight at the top of the Human Monster saga was one of the more hilarious aspects of Garou's original introduction, but it's far from an actual fight. On top of this, Garou's now much more evolved than ever thanks to his monsterization

The newest chapter of the series finally brings the two back together as when they settle the chaos of their respective fights, and Saitama makes intense eye-contact with Garou. Asking who he is, it seems like the two will be getting into a full fight. At the same time, it could end up being yet another swerve as Garou has been helping the heroes face off against the monsters so far. But now it makes the wait for the next chapter that much more tough! 

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